Laurel is Key To a Quality Life

A comfortable and healthy sleep is key to a quality lifestyle. Laurel Mattresses offer unique formulas delivering all the key features required for a restful slumber.

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Safety and Sustainability

We continually strive for the highest-quality standard in everything we do. That’s why you can expect us to always create innovative sleep solutions, optimize manufacturing processes, aim for environmental sustainability, and work seamlessly with our authorized retail partners.

Contour Your Sleep With The Laurel Range Sleep Greater, Live Healthier

Get ready to meet amazing sleep products that completely change the way you look at sleep!



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We aim for long-term profitable growth for your brand. From the first day, we attach importance to the continuity of the global presence of our brands that we have been with.

We Are Always Leading In The Service. Remember, Always.

Mundo provides each costumers as an exclusive project and offers sleep system solutions that fit every individual innovative mattress design office.


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We Are Always Leading In The Service.

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Comfort that brings happinnes to life